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Hi! My name is Jared Cleghorn—welcome to my website! I studied physics, mathematics, and computer science at the University of Alabama, and I worked as a student web developer for the University Libraries. I currently work as a React developer for a company called TECKpert.

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Single-Asset VaR

December 11, 2021
In mathematical finance, value at risk (VaR) is a statistic that quantifies the level of risk in a position or portfolio over a specific time frame. VaR is a measue of probable maximum loss (PML)—the maximum loss that the position or portfolio would be expected to incur. Specifically, we are interested in answering the question, What are the worst 1% of possible outcomes

iOS DEP MDM Bypass

December 7, 2021
This post gives a procedure for bypassing automatic Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrollment due to Device Enrollment Program (DEP) registration on iOS. Normally, if an iOS device is registered with DEP, it is automatically enrolled in MDM during its initial setup, which installs a profile on the device. Schools and businesses use DEP MDM profiles to do things like automate configuration and add restrictions, and they are not removable through the Settings app

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